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Knee Pain Remedy

A Conversation About Knee Pain

“Going for a run?”

“Yeah, but first I have to put on this knee brace. It helps me get through my workout without as much pain and swelling afterwards.”


“Yeah, saw it on QVC and thought what the heck, might as well give it a try and so far my runs are okay. I mean, I’m not any faster or go any farther, just that with this knee brace on, I think I am feeling better.”

“Oh, …ever think about therapy?”

“For what, my knee? Why should I? I have this brace and I think its making a difference. Besides, wouldn’t therapy take up all my time?”

“Not when I went up to that place here at the ‘Y’, they really helped me out, now I don’t even wear my knee brace to run and I feel great.”

“Yeah! Right!”

“Honest, it really helped and no it didn’t take up all of my time either. Jean showed my how to exercise my VMO and how to better stretch and even showed me how to tape my knee myself so that I can manage any knee discomfort on my own. So far I have had no pain or swelling after my runs and now I can squat and kneel on this knee without it hurting me like it use to.”


“Go find out for yourself, she takes walk- ins and handles all the necessary paperwork for you.”

“Jean, huh? Who is he?”

“She is a physical therapist, exercise physiologist and athletic trainer. She knows what she’s talking about. She’s been a therapist for over 20 years; pretty sharp lady.”

“What’s the name and number where she works?”

Jean McConnell, MS, PT, ATC is the owner of Pinnacle Health Concepts physical therapy located in Boardman, OH. You may reach her at 330-480-9362.

Physical Therapy Office

Jean McConnell-Copploe, MS, PT, ATC

Jean has over the course of her professional career worked with high school, collegiate, and professional athletes as an athletic trainer and physical therapist. She has gained experience in acute care, nursing home and outpatient physical therapy settings.

Pinnacle Health Concepts moved their office from the YMCA in downtown Youngstown in 2015 to better accommodate their patients. Now located in the South Bridge offices on Rt. 224 they are easily accessible from Youngstown, Boardman, Canfield and surrounding areas.

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